Rapid and Cost-effective DNA Diagnostics

Our Solution

Swiftdx are producing DNA test strips that are as simple to use and as cost effective as a pregnancy test. The sample is applied to the test strip and a line appears if the target DNA is present in the sample.


Test performed in 15 minutes at the patient's side.

Long shelf-life

Can be stored at room temperature for over a year

Highly sensitive and specific

Targets specific DNA sequences


Costs a fraction of the price for current DNA diagnostics


The Team

Dr Ben Shaw
Dr Gustavo Cerda-Moya
Sam Hussain
Business Strategy
Barry Burles
Business Strategy

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Current DNA diagnostics take too long. By the time the results get back, the patient may have already gotten worse and the window of opportunity for effective treatment will have passed.

The Problem

Current DNA diagnostics are a bottleneck between patients and their effective treatment.    


Current DNA diagnostics cost too much. They cannot or are not used when they are needed due to their expense.



Samples must be transported to specialised facilities for DNA diagnostics to be performed. 

DNA diagnostics currently require expensive and specialised equipment. 


DNA diagnostics currently require specialised staff to run the tests and interpret their results.

Highly trained staff

Fighting disease & targeting treatment

with fast-track diagnostics 

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith
Advisory board

Partners and Press

No highly trained staff

As simple to use as a pregnancy test. No extra equipment is required.