Our Mission

SwiftDx want to make the complex simple by producing high quality diagnostic tests using standard lateral flow assay formats

SwiftDX Protein Colour
Next generation lateral flow testing

Our goal is to develop a superior range of lateral flow diagnostic tests based on our core technologies

SwiftDx’s portfolio of patented technologies enable ultra-boosted sensitivity lateral flow diagnostics to detect things like HIV and Dengue Fever, which would otherwise undetectable with current lateral flow technology.

Ben Shaw Pen
Dr Ben Shaw – CEO SwiftDx
SwiftDX Protein Colour

Our technologies:

Scientist Pipetting Onto Lateral Flow Strip
SwiftDX Protein Mole

Our Unique Value


SwiftDx diagnostic tests could replace slower, more complex and more expensive lab-based tests (e.g. ELISA, PCR)


SwiftDx technologies allow diagnostic tests to become simpler to implement, more marketable and more valuable compared to existing lateral flow tests


Early and affordable detection of a vast numbers of illnesses by lateral flow testing