Lateral Flow Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the LFA Lateral Flow market, creating new opportunities…

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Perception & Use

The LFA is a mature, widely-accepted diagnostic testing technology. Their use has been ubiquitous in high, low and middle-income countries for the past 3 decades, with the pregnancy test frequent in high-income and frontline infection disease testing frequent in lower and middle-income countries.

A number of LFA applications have been developed, adopted and very successfully commercialised. 

The World Health Organization has called for new LFA devices to enable wide-spread testing in resource limited settings.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown LFAs to be effective and acceptable for mass public and personal health use.

Coronavirus Covid Lateral Flow Self Test Kit Showing Negative Result 2004544190
Lateral Flow Assay Being Performed At Home
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Diagnostic Access

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shortfall in individual access to the diagnostics they require (e.g. cancer testing).

Here at SwiftDx, our mission is to address this unmet need with sensitivity-boosting technologies, by allowing for simple and cost-effective testing at home or on a community level.