DNA Detection Technologies

We’ve developed a novel method of lateral flow in DNA detection set to revolutionise the healthcare industry. Our method enables the detection of low levels of specific DNA sequences without the need for additional sample processing or expensive DNA amplification methods to save time and money.

SwiftDX Protein Colour
our approach

Detecting low levels of DNA without additional processing

SwiftDx’s disruptive DNA detection technology uses an enzymatic cascade to detect a single molecule following molecular displacement. The sample travels across the lateral flow strip to reach physically separated sequential amplification zones. The product of each preceding reaction activates the next reaction, enabling ultra-boosted sensitivity.

SwiftDX Protein Mole

Our Unique Value

Traditional lateral flow tests are unable to detect rapidly mutating viruses (e.g. flu) or bacteria with many species (e.g. mycoplasma) due to the lack of suitable protein targets and available antibodies. Targeting conserved DNA sequences solves these issues, meaning we can make effective lateral flow tests for diseases that cannot be detected by traditional lateral flow tests, making us game-changers in the healthcare industry.

No additional sample processing
No expensive DNA amplification methods
Enabling ultra-boosted sensitivITY lateral flow diagnostics for diseases which are undetectable with current lateral flow technologies