Our Team: The Experts Behind the Scenes

Our team is on a mission to create the next generation of lateral flow tests to detect HIV, Dengue Fever and more.

SwiftDX Protein Colour

The SwiftDx Executive Team


Dr Ben Shaw

Ben completed his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford. He was then accepted onto the prestigious Wellcome Trust PhD Studentship for Developmental Biology at the University of Cambridge. Ben joined the Company in 2015 and has successfully led it through a series of funding rounds and developmental milestones.

In addition to his business development role, Ben continues to help push the science in the company to its full potential. Ben’s deep understanding of the science allows him to effectively communicate its value to both potential customers and investors.


Dr Gustavo Cerda-Moya

Gus completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge in the field of molecular biology. He then went on to do a successful post-doctoral position also at the University of Cambridge. Using his knowledge of molecular biology, he discovered a revolutionary method of detecting DNA on a lateral flow device. 

Gus formed the company when he submitted the first patent in 2015 and has been leading scientific development within the company since its creation, spearheading innovations and product development.

Non-Executive Director, CFO

Andrew Taylor

Andrew is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant who has worked with privately owned UK businesses, one of the largest FTSE 100 companies and as CFO of a main market listed PLC.

Since 2011, Andrew has been working as a portfolio FD supporting small and medium sized companies in Cambridge. He has provided numerous clients across diverse industries (including BioTech, Tech, manufacturing and SAAS) with varying levels of support as either a part-time FD or NED.


Gary Carpenter

Gary has spent the last 10 years working in the field of lateral flow immunoassay project realisation, from design & development though regulatory approvals and commercialisation.

Gary is an experienced quality assurance and regulatory approval professional, having previously held senior management positions at BioSure (UK) Limited, The Binding Site and Vatic Health Limited. Gary has specialised in the regulatory approval of novel high risk self-test diagnostics, including clinical trial management. He has lead teams that have gained approvals in multiple, global jurisdictions.

Non-Executive Chairman

Professor Denis Kinane

Prof. Denis F. Kinane BDS FDSRCS PhD FDSRCPS has had a hugely successful career in bio-medical research, spanning more than 35 years, holding prestigious positions in top institutions in both the UK and USA.

Prof. Kinane is Director of two large US and Chinese Health Companies and Scientific Director, CMO and founder of several smaller international companies. Most recently, he was founding scientist at Cignpost Diagnostics Ltd. (www.cignpostdiagnostics.com), a leading provider of diagnostic services to elite sport, corporate, movie and airport industries.

SwiftDX Protein Colour

The SwiftDx Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Richard Allan

Richard Allan is a qualified tropical parasitologist and has over 30 years’ experience as a public health manager. Following four years in primary health care development for Zaire through the mid-1980s, he spent four years in malaria treatment research with Oxford University and the Medical Research Council with programmes in Gambia and Sierra Leone. Since the start of the Rwanda crisis in 1994, Richard has dedicated his efforts to developing disease control initiatives in conflict-based emergencies and natural disasters, working with OXFAM, Tearfund and MERLIN.

Richard was the Roll Back Malaria coordinator for complex emergencies with the Global Secretariat (early 2000 to late 2002) at the World Health Organisation where he established and managed the cross-sectoral partnerships that resulted in the development of important new disease control tools and strategies for malaria control. Richard is currently CEO of the MENTOR Initiative.

Scientific Advisor

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and International Partnerships at the University of Cambridge. She is the Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics and a former head of the Department of Genetics. In addition to her roles at the University of Cambridge, she is President of the Genetics Society, is a member of the UKRI BBSRC Council, was elected to EMBO in 2006, to the UK Academy of Medical Sciences in 2012, became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2017 and received her Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at Yale University.

A molecular geneticist, with a background in epigenetics and functional genomics, her research has utilised a wide range of approaches to study developmental and physiological pathways in health and disease.