Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Stop mycoplasma contamination before it spreads with our mycoplasma detection kits.

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How it works

Mycoplasma Contamination Detection Kit

Rapid mycoplasma detection providing quick and reliable results.

Step 1
Add 2µl of cell culture media to the Reaction Mix in the Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Step 2
Run reaction in thermal cycler
Step 3
Run reaction on Test Strip

Mycoplasma Detection Kit

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Mycoplasma contamination of samples invalidates results, costing drug discovery companies money, time and their reputation. Given the problems it can cause, life science companies are adopting zero-tolerance policies for mycoplasma. The SwiftDx Mycoplasma Detection Kit will allow rapid, routine testing so companies can stop mycoplasma contamination at source.

The SwiftDx Mycoplasma Detection Kit uses a modified version of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a labelled oligo system that allows mycoplasma PCR product to be detected on a lateral flow device.

The primer sets in the kit are specific to the highly conserved 16S rRNA coding region in the mycoplasma genome. This should allow detection for all mycoplasma species usually encountered as contaminants in cell culture. SwiftDx are continually testing different species and adding them to the “confirmed detected” list (See ‘More Information’ below).

SwiftDx use a modified PCR approach with our mycoplasma detection kit, ensuring that only the specific 16S rRNA amplicons are detected on the lateral flow test strip. This means there is a simple positive or negative output on the lateral flow strip, with no need to discriminate between multiple specific or non-specific bands on an agarose gel, as can be required with other PCR methods.

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No sample processing or centrifugation of possibly contaminated media

Keep any possible contamination in the hood
Quick & simple mycoplasma detection to stop further contamination of your precious samples

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Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Specific and Reliable

Targeting the well established mycoplasma 16S ribosomal subunit region of the mycoplasma genome provides assurance of specific mycoplasma detection.
SwiftDx technology integrates additional steps to ensure only specific amplicons will show a positive result on the lateral flow test, making it ultra-sensitive and highly reliable.

Quick results

Get your mycoplasma PCR results before you process your cells or perform any experiments.
Gain the confidence to get the right experimental results - don't waste your time with contaminated cells.

No sample processing

Take the 2 µl of cell media directly from the growing cells and put it directly into the Reaction Mix provided. The first cycle of the thermal cycler programme will denature the mycoplasma, stopping any possible further contamination. There is no need for the processing or centrifugation of potentially contaminated cell culture samples, preventing any possible contamination of lab equipment or surfaces with mycoplasma from the sample being tested.