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Product development & delivery is the core of SwiftDx’s mission, combining ultra-boosted sensitivity with simple point-of-care (POC) or self-testing diagnostic solutions.

SwiftDx technologies allow the creation of point-of-need diagnostics for diseases where the diagnostic targets (e.g. antigen/antibodies) are otherwise not detected by existing LFAs.

Ultra-boosted sensitivity also allows us to use smaller sample volumes and different sample types; for example, saliva instead of blood.

POC tests give immediate results, allowing for immediate treatment and preventing loss to follow up (where people become uncontactable before treatment starts).

Making difficult tests simple.


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Scientific Research Tools

Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Mycoplasma contamination of samples invalidates results, costing drug discovery companies money, time and their reputation. The SwiftDx Mycoplasma Detection Kit allows for rapid, routine testing, so companies can stop mycoplasma contamination at the source.
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Medical Diagnostics

Dengue Fever Test
The SwiftDx Dengue Detect Duo test will be an ultra-boosted sensitivity diagnostic test for Dengue fever, through antigen and antibody detection. SwiftDx will utilise accelerated approval processes for urgently required diagnostics. Our affordable, easy to use and highly sensitive LFA would allow rapid and simple community-level diagnosis of Dengue fever, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives.
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Early HIV Detection
The SwiftDx Early HIV Detect test will be a high sensitivity dual antigen and antibody diagnostic test using eAMP technology to provide early and more accurate diagnosis. Our affordable, easy to use and highly sensitive assay will be applicable in clinical settings as a POC device and as a self-test.
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Hepatitis C
The SwiftDx Saliva HCV Duo test will be an ultra-boosted sensitivity diagnostic testing saliva samples. We will leverage shortened global market access evaluation processes. A saliva test will be easy to use and highly sensitive, allowing it to be effectively used as a self-test in both direct to consumer and programmatic delivery.
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Prostrate Cancer Test
SwiftDx are developing a simple at-home test that will allow for regular, easy and effective screening for early signs of prostate cancer
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