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Creating the next generation of lateral flow devices

SwiftDX Protein Colour

Designing the Future

At SwiftDx, we believe the future of lateral flow diagnostics relies on ultra sensitivity and detection of low levels of specific DNA sequences.

By using and combining these technologies in different contexts, and with existing antibodies, we can produce a new generation of lateral flow diagnostics for a range of diseases that currently have poor diagnostic access.

SwiftDx Lab Scientist Pipetting Into Flacon Tubes

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the LFA market, creating new opportunities. SwiftDx will exploit these opportunities by utilising their technology toolbox to make premium lateral flow tests

A single drop of eAMP amplifies the target signal up to 10 million times. SwiftDx sensitivity boosting technologies will allow for simple and cost-effective testing at the home and/or community level

We have developed a novel method of lateral flow DNA detection, enabling the detection of low levels of specific DNA sequences without the need for additional sample processing or expensive DNA amplification methods